Jeff Kinney


Mini Research



In 1971 Jeff kinney was born in Maryland. He attended the University of Maryland in the early 1990’s. Jeff wanted to be cartoonist before he became a writer. He made a comic strip called “Igdoof” however he did not succeed with the comic strip syndicated. After college he started to putting  something  down  for Diary of a Wimpy. Jeff worked on it before 6 years before put it on After putting it on fun brain 8 years before showing it to a publisher in  New York. 


After that Jeff Sign a multi-book deal with Harry. N Abrams inc. to turn Diary of a Wimpy kid into a book series. there was more than 2 million book sold in just two weeks! In 2010-2012 Jeff Kinney started to make movies Out of his books .”Rodrick rules” was the most popular hit in 2012.


Now Jeff kinney is living Massachusetts with his wife and his two sons they own a bookstore called “the unlikely Story”.



 This the comic strip “igdoof” Jeff kinney did not succeed with the comic strip.


source: wimpy kid inc.

State party

It was two years ago,But I could like it was yesterday. I could remember everything said on that day.
On that day Whiteoak baseball team won state. The score was 10-4 they won in the last inning.After the game was over we played a game called pickle. It was a run down game we had to get the things we needed.We
needed bases,ball and gloves.The rules were, “you would have to throw the ball back and forth until you tag the runner.”Also the runner would try to touch the bag before the catcher would tag him. 
After about 30 min.we went to the pool so we were all wet.On the other hand, the water helped us slide really far and fast!! However, the sun was beating on us like a hammer on a nail.
Then it was my turn the catcher yelled “GO”!! When I started running I slipped so everybody yelled get up get up!!So I
passed Josh and Ben was right behind him and Josh tossed it to him… I slid at the same time as he tagged me and the ref. yelled
“SAFE”!! Everybody came up to me and gave me a hive five.
So about an hour later we stopped playing pickle then we started to play baseball.
 When I have my own children I will tell them that the little things in life matter.

Left Out

Melody was trying to scream to help the fish.

She was soo mad she had tornado




She could not do nothing but watch it die

So she started to cry.Still



For help

She felt like a fish without a school.

Melody is perfect on the

INSIDE and on


Holocaust Study

My Holocaust Study



      What 2 lessons I learned about the Holocaust?


        While studying the Holocaust I learned that to never give up

  1           In life.Also to keep pushing and don’t stop trying.One lesson I

             learned was to never judge people by their size,color or religion.

             When you get mad don’t take it out on people take out on your

             Pillow or like your wall or something besides a person.A person is

              Person you should never kill a person just to make yourself



     2  Also what I learned was to believe in what you think no matter

         What people say to you. The Nazis made you think that you you were      not as good as them but as long as you know inside you are fine.  

My Diary Entry

Dear Diary,

It’s 1943 the soldiers are still standing on the corner of the street for three years every day we walk home after school.My parents have not told us a lot about the war yet.No one knows if the soldiers are coming to get Ellen or her parents.Her parents are with Peter is hiding them like we are to Ellen. one day me and ellen were racing after school because at school we have been having races so I want to practice.So I said,” ready set Go!!” I shouted.My hair was flying in the wind bouncing on my shoulders my hair felt like freedom when it was flying in the wind when bouncing it felt like the hard times we have been having.So I’m leading the pack I was runing so fast my shoes came untied.We passed little  shops and cafes.We finally came came to a stop a tall soldier standing and  said, “Halte”. We both stopped my heart was pounding Ellen finally came up behind me.

The soldiers were talking to us and he said,” Why we were running.” I said because I had a race at school and I  wanted to practiced.We kept on talking after that we went home and told mama.we were scared half to death.


until next time,
                            love Annamarie

My Disney Christmas Poem

The Rock n roller coaster was calling my


We had a fastpass so I ran so fast  like a cheetah to that line.

We got one we put our

soft,cold safety bar on me

We started moving slow like a sloth,

Next we saw a tv screen it said


we shooted off like a rocket ship! headed upside

down so many times! It was playing really loud

Aerosmith music.Also everything was glowing

in the dark. that ride was calling my name for next year.

That was the best ride I will ever ride in my


              The end 

Communicating in Person and in Technology

 There are many similarities between communicating in person and using technology.Eventually, someone will end or leave the conversation.People are communicating in both ways when you are in person you talk face to face in texting you talk on a screen .More than one can join the conversation on texting you just make a group message.Research has shown that the light
on the phone can be harmful to your eyes.


Communicating using technology,and in person have many differences.Texting can take more time because it has to send.In person it does not have to send it just comes out.You can just leave the conversation, in person you just tell them you have to leave. In texting you can be sarcasm but the other person may not take it as a joke.One time I was texting my mom my phone went dead and I could not get in touch with her also know one had their phone so I was late for a party.In conclusion, there are very differences between technology and in person

The Longest Board

The Longest Board

I will never forget the first time I went skim boarding. My family went to the beach. We headed down to the beach. It was as hot as a stove. About an hour later after we went swimming we saw this guy doing something weird on this board thing. He said he was skim bording. He said in fact there is a torment his weekend in 5 days. I asked my dad if I could do it. He said sure!” I said yes!” We went to go get a board and when we got back I tried and tried and tried I finally got it down! We also learned tricks for days. I got to spin the board it was fun.
The day finally came to the torment I was so so ready to do this. We had one shot it was me and Brock left. He went and he got a 97.06 all I had to do is beat that score and I won. It was my turn! I tried a backflip on it I…… Landed it I got a trophy and went home the next day.When I have children I’m going to tell them what happened that day at the beach.